Richy Bailey

Professional Padel Coach

a man in a blue shirt smiling and holding a tennis racket
a man in a blue shirt smiling and holding a tennis racket
First of all

Who is Richy Bailey

I'm Richy Bailey, a padel player of over 30 years' experience. I began playing in the early 90s and have since dedicated much of my time to coaching. In 1998, I obtained my certification through the Spanish federation, solidifying my knowledge and skills in the sport. My passion for padel has only grown over the years and I continue to enjoy playing and coaching others. I have been working as a padel coach alongside my career in physics education. With a college degree in physics, I have been teaching high school students for 22 years now. Combining my passion for coaching with my love for physics has been a fulfilling experience for me. As a teacher, I am constantly learning and growing while imparting knowledge to my students. Similarly, as a coach, I get to witness my students develop their padel skills and achieve their goals. Both roles require patience, communication, and dedication, and I strive to bring these values to every session. Overall, I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue my passions and contribute to the growth of others.

Not to mention

Founder of MindSetPadel

In 2022, I established the MindsetPadel Academy with the goal of providing intensive and precise coaching to players from all around the world. Our academy offers both live and online services, allowing us to reach a wider audience and cater to the needs of individual players.

And let's not forget

Head Coach of Finland's national Team

I'm the coach of Finland's male national team. My role is to lead, train, and motivate the team to perform at the best of their abilities. As the coach, I'm responsible for selecting the best players to represent the country and ensuring that the team is physically and mentally prepared for any challenges they may face. My ultimate goal is to help Finland's male national team achieve success on the international stage and make the country proud.


"The experience was really good!!! The coach was good too, motivating us and giving us a lot of feedback. The methodology made me improve very fast through repetition. It was not boring at all, I actually found it very useful"

                                                                                                        Anna (Finland)

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